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Introducing Award Winning Author, Cameron Yorke

I grew up in New Zealand, but ran away to find fame and fortune at the age of 19 and have lived abroad ever since, working as a Freelance Journalist for the past 14 years. My main loves are food, wine, travel and fashion, and this is mainly what I write about, although I have been known to stray occasionally! I've reviewed most of the top restaurants in the world, writing for international travel and lifestyle magazines worldwide, and some have said I'm bloody good at it!  I've travelled extensively, and lived in many amazing countries before moving to Britain in 2005, where I've written, presented and produced documentaries, television series and short films.

My books are mainly of a memoir and self help genre, or travel and lifestyle, but all are based on personal experience. I'm a keen activist for gay rights, along with prison and immigration reform and rehabilitation


I'm currently single - Bloody hard to live with, set in my ways ,and incredibly selfish! I'm a dedicated Europhile, am trying hard to be Euro-trash, and divide my time between my homes in Normandie and Paris, France.

My Books...

All titles are available from any of these retail partners, or for more information visit my book page

What the Critics Say!

 - The Gay version of Breaking Bad! - Buzzfeed

 -An exciting read, with plenty of humour against a backdrop of failed possibilities...

 -Insightful, entertaining, easy read... I love the humour thats carried throughout

 -It's surprising how many people and places you recognise off the page if you have spent time on the house party scene. The names and faces might change, but their behaviour or role in the scenario seldom do!

 -Cameron Yorke is one of the. most forthcoming Authors of our time, with books that will not only inspire our lives in London, but he also has a deep understanding of London culture

 -Reads like a Brett Easton Ellis novel - Louis Theroux

 - An extremely well written and time managed book...

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